Premier Club​

Premier I

Level 1 Regular Beds

  • 10% Off Lotions

Premier IV

Level 4 Super Magnum Beds

  • 30% Off Lotions

Premier II

Level 2 Super Beds

  • 20% Off Lotions

Premier V

VersaSpa Booth

  • Unlimited spray tans

Premier III

Level 3 Magnum Beds

  • 25% Off Lotions

Premier Platinum

Level 5 High Pressure & VersaSpa Booth

  • 40% Off Lotions

NO Sign up fees 

Requires Credit or Debit card with a 3 Month minimum

Prices above do not include tax

Full amount will processed on the 1st of each month

After 3 month minimum has been met, all cancellations requests must be received prior to the 15th of each month